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You’re in a tournament. You just played the perfect defensive shot, snookering your opponent. But then he or she pulls out a short cue, and does a legal jump over the ball that was blocking them. Don’t you wish you could do that?
With the Chilton Flying Eagle, it’s amazingly easy.
The technique is simple, and with a little bit of practice, you can do it consistently. Plus, if you buy a Flying Eagle, I’ll throw in a free instructional video! I’ll have you jumping cue balls in minutes.

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Laminated cues and shafts are stiffer than any made with solid wood. Laminated resists warpage. Laminated hits truer, more consistently, with unnoticeable deflection. Each shaft is made from the finest White Rock Maple, cut into 26 thin 40-thousandths of an inch strips. After gluing, pressing and vacuum sealing, you have the best shaft woods. The laminated technologies that I use in the cue butts make not only a strong and stable cue, they also come together to form a truly unique design.

Call Dale and see if you can choose inlay designs and materials, exotic woods, wrap colors, and an infinite array of finishes to make your Chilton Cue uniquely yours. Because your cue is hand-made to be the best looking and playing cue for the money we have a 1 year completion time frame. This can vary by the time of the year and the extent of the design that you choose.


Photos of what we have accomplishedMOMA 1st Place VNEA Juniors M8 Singles

Chilton Custom Cue Repair work

  • Refinish-rewrap
    (with linen wrap): $200
  • Refinish
    (no wrap, for solid cues): $250
  • Rewrap
    • Leather: $150
    • Linen: $100
  • Replace Butt Cap: $65
  • Replace shaft (shaft explanations)
    • Solid White Rock Maple: $95
    • Laminated Maple: $150
    • Sweet Spot Pie Maple: $175
  • Replace Tip:
    • Le Pro: $20
    • Triangle: $25
  • Replace Ivory joint: $200
  • Replace Ivory Butt Cap: $300
    (scrimshaw available; call for details)
  • Ivory ferrules: $85
  • Ivorine ferrule & tip: $40
  • Joint protectors: $35

Call or email Dale for additional pricing and specials

Chilton Custom Cue “Base Webwood” cue with Webwood Player-Break-Jump shaft

REG $525 now Only $500



















WebbWood™ is a highly engineered wood/plastic composite that has unique physical and mechanical properties. Dyed hardwood veneers are combined with engineering grade resins, heat and pressure to create a product that has the best characteristics of each.

WebbWood™ is distinguished by its unique strength, durability, dimensional stability, weather and moisture resistance compared to regular wood.

Chilton Webwood Jump/break cue
with Webwood Player-Jump-Break shaft
+ double ended flying eagle
+ extension handle Regular $800 now Only $700
+ extra maple green (recycled) shaft Regular $900 now Only $790